MEAP Writing Rubrics

In September 2009, the Michigan Department sent out a listserve message to solicit feedback and comments about the new MEAP writing rubric for compare and contrast.  I could hardly wait to look at it.  I want you to know what I submitted. Debs Comments for New MEAP Writing Rubrics I think it’s great that the […]

Unpacking the Compare and Contrast Standard for the New MEAP Writing Test

Comparing and contrasting are thinking skills.  It just so happens that in Fall 2010, the Michigan Department of Education will assess students in their ability to write a compare-and-contrast paragraph.  In my blog, I’ll be providing ideas that I hope will be useful to you.  I also hope that you’ll consider adding ideas.  If there […]

Quick Review – Virginia’s SCIENCE SOL

Quick Review – Clarity, Specificity, Alignment Proposed Revised Science Standards of Learning for Virginia Public Schools October 2009 By Dr. Deborah Wahlstrom Citizen reviewer download a pdf copy of this review. The purpose of this quick review is to take a look at the clarity, specificity, and alignment of Virginia’s science standards as they are […]

Graduation Rates Improve in Suffolk Public Schools

In Suffolk, our district staff are working hard to improve graduation and dropout rates.  Of course the idea is to help ensure that more students are successful in school.  And that’s where I sometimes get a bit bothered by the direction our district takes. So let’s take a look at a couple of things including […]

Unpack Those Standards

I have the opportunity to work with terrific educators almost daily.  And they ask me a lot of questions, one being, “Why doesn’t the state unpack the standards for us?”  I have to say, “I don’t know.”  Because the state could unpack the standards, especially if state staff really want to help teachers get to […]

Fix That Graph: Real and Personal Property

I sometimes just shake my head when I see the visuals that are used in city and school district presentations.  The good news is that just about any data graphic can be improved and I’ve got ideas about how to do that.  This is the first in a series of posts to encourage the use […]