Month: December 2009

Is the RFP Scoring Tool Fair?

In a December 21, 2009 editorial in the Suffolk News  Herald, the city’s Director of Media and Communications gave the folks at the Suffolk News Herald a hand-slap.  Ouch!  I read the editorial and then decided to look at the Request for Proposals for the Obici House Renovation and Reuse.  I wanted to answer the…

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Western Expansion

Here are a few materials for I.8.b – Distinguish between economic and geographic factors.  Enjoy – and let me know if you recommend any changes to these! The first activity is what I call a Wall Activity – and when you look at it, you’ll see why.  This is a good introduction to geographic and…

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Deb’s Stem Starters

If you write paper-and-pencil assessments, you’re going to love these sheets that I call Stem Starters.   Stem Starters are ideas of ways to write item stems for test items.  Think of these as handy reference sheets for those times when you are writing item stems – the question part of a test item. I’ve designed Stem…

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