Unpacking 21st Century Skills

If you are one of the lucky folks who gets to help “work the curriculum” to embed 21st Century Skills, your job will be much better and much easier if you take the time to unpack those skills.  This visual gives you an idea about how you might do that.  This will also make it much easier to determine connections between 21st Century Skills and the good things you already have in your curriculum.  This also makes it MUCH easier to design rubrics for 21st Century Skills.  (Don’t forget to click the visual below to see it in full size.)

Unpacking 21st Century Skills

Students benefit when you unpack the skills because it makes the expectations clearer to them.  And we know what happens when the expectations are clear; students are more likely to meet them.  Imagine that!

Visual Source for 8th Grade Outcome Example:  Partnership for 21st Century Skills, Geography Skills Map

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